Digital Loggers EPCR7 Ethernet Power Controller w/ LCD

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** Product Code Change. Was EPCR6**

Ethernet Power Controller 7

New Features
Added more rugged relays, added a surge detector, an environmental monitoring port, improved metering accuracy, improved WiFi range, reduced power consumption, extended battery life, added an internal programming language, HTTPS, SSH, SNMP, IFTTT and more. Features such as scripting, syslog, power billing and notification alerts are included free. There's a Rest API, MQTT, and Amazon Echo compatibility. There's RS232, GPIO, and ADC I/O for expansion. It's about as sophisticated as a power switch can get, but it's still simple to use.

Simple Web Interface̴
The internal web server is accessible from any browser. Simply enter an IP. Configuration and control are web-based.

AutoPing TM Reboot
AutoPing continuously monitors an IP address. If a server, router, or other peripheral goes down, AutoPing can power cycle to automatically reboot it without user intervention. Several devices can be monitored simultaneously.

8 Switched Duplex Circuits + 2 Unswitched Outlets
Eight individual switch control circuits are provided with duplex outlets. Outlets are spaced for plugs and adapters. Un-switched outlets are provided for "always on" devices. Switched outlets are metered in two banks. Unswitched outlets are unmetered.

Programmable LCD Display and Keypad
A 2x16 LCD displays status for each outlet. Custom messages can be displayed via Lua scripts. A front-panel keypad provides local control and can be disabled.

Multi-User Password Security
Multi-user authentication limits access to the power controller. The administrator selects which outlets each user controls.

Sequenced "On Timer"
A programmable delay timer allows outlets to be switched on in sequence, rather than simultaneously. Most devices draw̴ a surge of power when initially switched on. Using this timer, more equipment can share a single circuit without overloads. Programmable scripts can be used to create customized power-up and shut-down sequences with variable timing.

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