Ubiquiti Networks AF-24HD-US 24GHz airFiber PtP 2Gbps Radio US

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Ubiquiti Networks always offers us the best in transmissions, AirFiber an idea that has revolutionized the technology of radio point to point, with a connectivity of 24 GHz the AirFiber Radio US has a performance of up to 2 gigabits with a range of up to 20 kilometers. Ubiquiti's Backhaul technology has come to take over the world of broadcasts.

Without the need for a specific license, this product has the ability to operate at any frequency and this is a benefit for anyone who acquires this technology. So if you decide on this transmitter, be sure you can install it in the place you want.

 A real advantage is that it has a reflector system in its antenna, with a gain 2x2 MiMO, an investment that is doubly independent! This product operates in Duplex Division Frequency (FDD) and Hybrid Duplex Division (HDD) mode, which guarantees incredible speed and efficiency that not all devices on the market have.

 The installation of the device is also simple due to the Plug and Play configuration that has been arranged in it, in addition each receiver has integrated GPS, which automatically allows the position of each of them to be detected so that the parameters are established. of time in the background.

  • Operates at frequencies up to 14.25 GHz
  • The maximum power consumption is 50W
  • It has a performance of 2 Gbps and more
  • Reaches distances of up to 20 kilometers
  • Transmits up to 1 million data packets per second
  • The channel band reaches 100 MHz
  • EIRP of 33dBm GPS with clock synchronization

At WeLoveTec we have the best in transmission technology ready for the satisfaction of your biggest demands, do not think too much and take one of these great receivers that besides keeping your information safe complement the performance of your operations.


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