Guest Internet 200Mbps Identity and Access Management Controllers, Advanced Enterprise Cybersecurity

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The Authonet Identity and Access Management (IAM) Controller is a gateway between a network segment that has both mobile and desktop user devices, to a secure network segment with data servers and network devices such as printers and scanners.

Authonet IAM ensures that only authorized users have access to the secure network and that they can access only to services for which they are authorized. All unauthorized access attempts are blocked. Authonet IAM also controls access to Internet services.

The system administrator has access to a data log that lists the transactions that each user made while connected to the network.

Authonet products are easy to install and operate and do not require specialist network skills for configuration.

  • User identity management, create/edit.
  • User Role management, create/edit.
  • Authentication via user identity and role.
  • Authentication and use statistics.
  • Blocking of non-authorized access attempts.
  • Log of user network transactions.
  • Local and remote admin configuration.
  • Network traffic statistics, a select time period.
  • User services accessed with time/date stamps.
  • Frequency of access to services, a time period.
  • Commercial grade equipment.
  • Suitable for any ventilated environment.
  • Ambient cooling is not required.
  • A user must authenticate to access services.
  • User authentication via SSL.
  • Identification of authentication bypass attempts.
  • Administrator alerts sent via email.
  • Nominal throughput A-200: 200Mb/s.
  • Ethernet: WAN (secure network) RJ-45 Gbit. LAN (user network) RJ-45 Gbit.
  • Dimensions: 7.08 x 9.05 x 1.77".
  • Power: 12-volt external power supply. 3A 110v/220v.

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