Cambium Networks ePMP C058910A102A - 3000 5GHz Access Point FCC US

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Double the Throughput Cambium Networks’ ePMP 3000 4x4 MU-MIMO access point can double the throughput at sector level with the same bandwidth by serving two subscribers simultaneously. With multi user MIMO technology, it supports an auxiliary SFP port and 80MHz channel bandwidth with 256QAM modulation that incorporates smart beamforming and beam steering for a superior signal.

Increased Frequency Reach The ePMP 3000 provides exceptional frequency use and re-use through its support of GPS synchronization and SM Transmit power. Enable frequency re-use in back-to-back configurations to use the same frequency twice to connect users, or in large deployments, connect thousands by using the same frequencies over again across the entire service area.

Performance and Reliability Count on Cambium Networks' ePMP 3000 to deliver stability and performance even in high density areas with harsh interference environments. With intelligent capability to filter on the receive side, it is invulnerable to influence from strong off-channel interferers and can reduce off-channel noise on the transmit side as well.

Scalability that Gives You Room to Grow This multi-user access point provides superior scalability, so it grows as you do. The 4x4 MU-MIMO wireless access point utilizes the efficiency of Cambium Networks' MAC protocol combined with a sophisticated air-fairness, starvation avoidance, priority-based algorithm to allocates RF resources to SM allowing service up to 120 active subscriber modules without loss of performance simultaneously.

Less Noise for Improved Signal Quality Win at the noise control game with the intelligent filtering protection for point-to-point wireless connections. Along with static filters to block noise from outside the operating spectrum, the ePMP 3000 also features a dynamic filter that blocks interference from adjacent channels to improve signal quality.

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